Your personal Energy coach. Survey your energy consumption and take action to reduce your carbon footprint to save environment!

Phone with Väppi application
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Position in the project
UI and UX designer

Duty to communicate with product owner and stakeholders, responsibility for user interface and user experience.

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Team details
Two front-end developers, 
back-end developer and designer

Design work was done in collaboration with developers due to several integrations to third party services.

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Challenge of the project
Presenting complicated data for users varying age from 20 to 70 yrs.

How to create and execute software which is intuitive and easy to use for elder folks and tech-savvy millenials? Translating masses of data into understandable graphs

The process

Starting after concept phase
After workshop and prototype examples improving user interface and starting with sprints.
Design and development sprints
Design phase started in advance so that front-end developers had time to concentrate entities and UI was a step ahead all the time.
Iterative steps and improving UI
Reviews with stakeholders and developers took places and improvements were quickly made.
MVP execution released
After release feedback was gathered, old features were improved and new features were discussed about.
Iteration, refinement and new features
Iterative steps took place, old components were developed and improved further and adding new features were under development.

Household consumption

Electricity consumption is presented hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Average values for comparison from the last five years are presented in history section.

Integrated market price suggesting usage hours

Useful for pensioners, shiftworkers or persons working from home, electricity contract based 
on market price can save one’s pennies. Avoid 
the peak hours and divide your chores to lowest hours.

Warming with district heating

District heating was brought as its own section 
for detached building residents with district heating installed. Whether it’s consumption 
or machinery’s sensors surveying water temperature, all can be browsed quickly.

Harnessing solar, wind 
or water power

Having solar panels or equivalent green electricity production plant in your backyard? Integrating it into Väppi its production and used power is presented an hourly range.

Main layout overviews

Household’s electricity contract
Daily total consumption.
Consumption comparison to day before, last week and to the month before. Consumption watch.
Latest invoice and navigation to invoice details.
Current electricity contract and navigation to details.
Today’s electricity market price and to market price details.
Fault report tile and fault report alert
Moving service for changing contract to new address
Solar panels and integrating solar system
Customer chat service

Highest rated Finnish energy surveying application in 2019-2020

Results & thoughts

I was working in this project for 2 years, during this time the electricity company went through a fusion which led to a brand update done by an external company. The visuals changed in the middle of the project which brought some challenges into the process. Nevertheless, the end result was succesful.

52 000

registered users after 
2,5 years of develoment


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