Presenting new drive differently. Technical details and informational 
data brought together the most 
minimalistic way.

Tablets with ABB application
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Position in the project
Web designer

McCann Helsinki was provided with an opportunity to present ABB’s new drive slightly differently than usual. Discussions with 3D-designer and front-end developer started in early stage so that concept was clear.

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Team details
Project manager, 3d-designer, front-end developer and designer

Project was supposed to be completed fairly quickly. 3D-parts took the most of the time but design was straight forward and quickly done when all needed materials were provided.

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Challenge of the project
Deadline because of the approaching holiday season

Design, imagery and development needed to put together in a matter of weeks and creating 3D images took most of the time. Hence design and development were executed quickly.

Presenting technical 
device differently

Compared to previous drives on ABB’s 
website, this landing page or miniature site 
was dedicated completely to present the 
device differently.

Simplicity as 
the main focus point

Like the ACS580 drive’s introduction says, effortless simplicity was needed to be brought out and try to showcase the drive as an efficient but simple device to use.

control panel

Easy to execute with a couple selected screens but an effective way to give insight of the new control panel and show examples of what had changed compared to older models.

Animated imagery
 through the drive

While navigating further, components are brought to the viewer with an "exploding" 
model. Inspecting the components and hardware 
the way every engineer would appreciate.

Layout overviews

First project to give the push towards user interface design and technological interest

Results & thoughts

This project might be and older one but it made 
a difference to me and gave a push towards a new direction on my career path. As a result I got more interested in UIs, technical aspect and user experience.

User interface

Not as stylish as an Apple product but the presentation makes the difference.